Spotify is Spot on With SpotON Radio

SpotON Radio is one of many apps hopping on the Spotify bandwagon. Few other apps make finding new music as easy as SpotON does, which keeps things simple and direct, limiting options and control in favor of a streamlined interface that delivers new content to users without much effort being required on the part of the users.

SpotON works a little like Pandora, creating radio stations based on artists the user selects as a means of introducing the user to new music he or she might not have heard before. In an interview with evolver.fm, Peter Blom, co-founder of SpotON, was enthusiastic about his company’s decision to keep things simple, aiming to “take the whole “lean” thing to the next level.” You can see that easily – a limited settings menu, and three choices on the home screen – search artist, top 100 artists, and artists you have favorited on Spotify or SpotON. If you’re looking for a streaming radio app that just works, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

The caveat is you need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber. SpotON Radio currently only works with Spotify’s API, so, while the app itself is free, you won’t get any use out of it unless you’re already paying for that Spotify subscription. As for expansion, Blom sounds amenable to it, indicating that Rdio could be a potential partner in the future. SpotON Radio is only available for the iPhone, and is free on the iTunes App Store.

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