Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is Positively Pavlovian

Love getting company at home? Now, you can tie those warm, fuzzy feelings whenever your doorbell rings to one of your favorite songs. Give it a few weeks, and you’ll be looking for a door to open every time you hear someone crank Jim Morrison.

That’s made possible by the Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell, a two-part gadget that gives you a new, tune-spewing doorbell-ringer duo. The speaker unit has an SD card slot, giving the device as much as 32 GB of storage space. There is no onboard storage – no SD card, no music. With an SD card, you can use the speaker unit as a doorbell ringer, a music player, or a portable mp3 player. When used as a doorbell ringer, it will receive a wireless signal from the doorbell unit, which can be affixed to a wall using the double-sided adhesive material included in the package.

Because most songs don’t start off with the “good part,” the device also comes with basic mp3 editing software, so you can pare down your favorite songs and get just what you want over the speaker when someone rings the bell. Just make sure you actually do like it when people come over, or you’re going to find yourself stopping dead while you wait for them to decide you’re not home every time you hear your favorite song playing.

The Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell will retail for about $50. Both units are battery powered.