TechStars Makes Women the Startup Stars This Time Around

TechStars, a program based in New York City that matches up tech start-up hopefuls with venture capital money and business mentorship, has announced the small companies that will be involved in their third program, starting on March 14th. This slate of tech start-ups features 14 start-ups that are looking to become household names in the near future. They have good chances – 21 of 23 of the companies that have been funded by TechStars in the past have been able to continue to raise money or become profitable after the end of the program.

This time, women are playing a bigger role than in the past – 6 of the 14 companies were founded by females looking to make their mark on the world of tech. It’s a big accomplishment for all 14 companies, though – TechStars has quickly become the most prestigious program of its kind, receiving thousands of applicants each round, which gets narrowed down to around 10 come selection time.

That prestige might have something to do with the mentors that help propel the program. They come from well-established tech companies, providing their wealth of knowledge and expertise to the next generation of tech innovators. Those mentors include the co-founder of foursquare and the founder of Associated Content.

Take a look at the link below to see all the companies getting a shot in the arm with TechStars. And, with the first round of TechStars being made into a reality television show, who knows? Maybe sometime in the near future we’ll get to see in action the women ready to take the tech world by storm.