TOKIDOKI Debuts New Vinyl Toys, Not Techie But Adorable

New Tokidoki figurines are now available, and it doesn’t look like they’re messing around. These guys are thugging it up in the most adorable way ever, which is an impressive feat – it’s not easy to get someone to coo over an angry looking lion wielding a crowbar, after all. Lion Pappa and his gang are apparently looking to run the streets so they can get cash and impress their girlfriends – truly, a tale as old as time.

The rising stars of the rich, bountiful land of Japanese merchandise are now ready to storm your place. Each of the 3” tall PVC figurines will sell for about $8 a pop. If nothing else, you have to respect the little gangster in the back rocking the pink shades. That’s a true sign of someone who knows how to handle himself on the mean streets.

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