Viddy Comes to Facebook’s Timeline Apps Platform

You’ve probably heard this enough times to stop believing it by now, but eventually, Facebook’s Timeline interface will be rolled out for all accounts, whether you opt for the change or not. With that assurance and the account conversions that have already taken place have come droves of apps designed just for the new platform. One of those is from Viddy, which teased their new app at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Viddy is a social video app that will now have an option to share all video directly to Facebook Timelines. Rather than a general video service like YouTube, Viddy helps users create a 15-second video from raw footage, which can be spruced up with different effects and editing tools similar to what you would find in Final Cut, including audio overlays.

In practice, it’s just taking out the middleman, allowing you to post a video from within Facebook, using the app. More importantly, it’s a sign of things to come, as thousands of apps have been created for Timeline, with thousands more surely in the pipeline to aid Facebook’s goal of getting you to fully expose your entire life on the Internet.


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