Virgin Atlantic Releases New Lipstick Color, Keeps Lips Moist at 30,000 Feet

Virgin Atlantic has teamed up with bareMinerals to create a lipcolor that matches those bright red crew uniforms on Virgin flights. The color is described by Rebecca Creer, the senior spas and grooming manager at the airline, as a “bluey-red” that goes with most outfits. I don’t really know what “bluey-red” means. Purple? It doesn’t look purple. I don’t know.

What I do know is that the lipstick will include some special lip gloss tech using pearl powder, which specifically counters the effects of cabin air pressure and keeps lips hydrated.

The new lipstick, dubbed “Upper Class Red,” will become a standard part of the uniform for Virgin Atlantic female flight attendants. Fliers can purchase “Upper Class Red” for £15, or about $24, from Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse spas. Later this year, stores carrying bareMinerals products will also carry the color. Or, you can order from the air, through Retail Therapy, Virgin Atlantic’s own in-flight shopping guide.

The new color does make a solid visual impression – credit to Virgin Atlantic for keeping it classy at 30,000 feet. Who says you can’t look fashionable when you fly.