Walmart and Angry Birds Do Space, Your Wallet

Walmart and Rovio are joining forces to create the most difficult way to access bonus levels for any game ever with their Angry Birds Space promotion. The new Angry Birds levels will be available on March 22nd, and will see the Birds launched into the final frontier. Apparently, they’re also entering a new frontier in sucking money out of your wallet just to play the game.

The basic levels, of course, are untouched. Besides those, there will be four bonus levels unlocked by accessing Golden Eggsteroid clues. The first of those four clues will be available to all Facebook fans of Walmart upon the release of Angry Birds Space. How will you manage to get those other three? Buying Angry Birds merchandise from Walmart. Wisely, that list of merchandise includes Angry Birds fruit snacks, which isn’t a totally ridiculous buy. But, if you’re so hard up for Angry Birds levels that you feel the need to buy an Angry Birds Space T-shirt or Angry Birds Space plush toys just to get your hands on new clues, I really don’t know what to tell you.

Another way to get a clue is to buy a T-Mobile phone from Walmart. The phone will come with a special Angry Birds portal allowing for quick download of the game and the accompanying Golden Eggsteroid Clue. It’ll also come with Angry Birds wallpapers and animated shorts, which I’m pretty sure can be found really, really easily online.

Apparently, all of this is being done for the sake of four bonus levels of Angry Birds Space, which makes this experiment in retail-gaming integration groundbreaking in how poor of a deal it actually is for consumers.

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