Win the Samsung Galaxy Note for Spring Break!

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, taking a stroll on the beach, or just snapping photos with your friends to capture fun memories, AT&T has one of the largest selections of smartphones that you can add to your packing list before you hit the road for Spring Break. Devices that can withstand the elements of sand and water if they washed up on shore and can crop, edit and share photos instantly that will make all your friends jealous as you soak up the sun.  Here are some perfect phones to add to your list of things to pack before you head out of town:

  • Rugby Smart Perfect for outdoors, the Rugby Smart is no stranger to rough play. With built-in water and dust resistance features—from the beach to the camping site—Rugby Smart fulfills all your smartphone needs with the physical strength to handle surprises that are sure to come your way during Spring Break.
  • Pantech Element— If homework and emails are creeping their way into your vacation time, the light-weight, water-proof Pantech Element is the tablet for you. With 4G LTE speeds and easy access to emails and documents, users are able to lounge poolside in the sun with no worries of a few “splashes” here and there.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note – Leave the bulky cameras behind. The Samsung Galaxy Note makes it easy to enjoy premium photo editing tools, just as you would on a PC. Pre-loaded onto the device, Adobe ® Photoshop ®Touch lets you combine multiple photos into layered images, make popular edits, apply professional effects and more. Additionally, Adobe Ideas is an easy drawing tool, perfect for users who want to sketch ideas, choose amazing color themes and import images. You can easily create and share fun memories without ever having to pick up a computer.

We’re giving away the Samsung Galaxy Note! So enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Heading to Mexico for Spring Break? Make sure to add an international plan. Depending on what you need — Voice, Messaging, Data – choose a personalized plan that works for your needs and your budget! Info on Mexico plans below.

Voice (calls made from Mexico to U.S.)

*these are designated for Mexico (and Canada) specifically. Perfect for Spring Break travelers and those planning a short stay 

  • 50 minutes of talk time for $24.99/month
  • 125 minutes of talk time for $49.99/month
  • 275 minutes of talk time for $99.99/month
  • 800 minutes of talk time for $199.99/month

Messaging (MMS and SMS—sent from international destinations to U.S)

*these are relevant for over 120 countries, including Mexico

  • 50 messages for $10/month
  • 200 messages for $30/month
  • 500 messages for $50/month

Data (data used at international destinations)

* these are relevant for over 120 countries, including Mexico

  • 50 MB for $24.99/month
  • 125 MB for $49.99/month
  • 275 MB for $99.99/month
  • 800 MB for $199.99/month



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  1. Now that the Note is capable of working on TMO with a little magic, I must have one. Envy went to those on ATT otherwise it would have been mine already. Ahh, I remember when I could actually have a Spring Break. 

  2. It’s past time for me to upgrade to a “Smartphone”, the Samsung Galaxy Note would be a good choice.

  3. I want to win this because it looks like an amazing phone with technology like I have never seen before. I would love to draw pictures on it with my son to pass time!

  4. I’ve already got a Galaxy Note. No, I’m not being greedy by entering (geez, I replaced my ORIGINAL Razr with it), I just want to share the Joy of Note with my husband. He’s got middle aged eyes like I do and would LOVE to read on his phone without using his reader-cheater specs!

  5. I want it so bad Bcuz Android is on the Boom.. And this phone is a killer. I’m a 3D artist, so I would really practice concept art sketching character and stuff…..

    Thanks Again

  6. I would love to have such an amazing phone with awesome features!  My son would also love to “steal” it and draw all types of things.

  7. I want to win this because it looks like an amazing phone with technology like I don’t have on the phone I currently own.

  8.  I want the Samsung Galaxy Note because it has great features and I have never owned a smart phone.

  9. i would like it so i can actually see the letters on my screen because mine is cracked pretty bad. i would also use it to let the kids draw with it and would draw some poster designs for bands on it. 

  10. Well I love Android phones with big screens and in college, I don’t like having to carry around a big notebook or tablet to get my work done. A Note is the perfect compromise, big yet small. And the wonderful camera and processor wouldn’t hurt either.  

  11. I’d love to win this. I have AT&T but I don’t have a smart phone. It would be nice to not be such a tech dinosaur.

  12. I just saw the Galaxy Note yesterday in person for the first time. I almost bought it! I love the size of the phone! I would draw architectural renderings on it for work!

  13. I would love to win because I would love to meet everyone in this century with some actual technology.

  14. I’m constantly busy and to have a phone that I can truly use to get some work done, but that is still something I can use to watch a video, read a book or browse the web would be a real blessing for me.

  15. I want the new galaxy note because I currently have a flip phone and am embarrassed to take it out of my pocket

  16. Hooray for the return of the STYLUS (I never gave it up)! Handwriting recognition, image annotation, high def camera, speakerphone, larger browser screens – I need it! PLEASE!

  17. I want the galaxy note because I’ve not yet gotten a smart phone and would enjoy the luxury of owning one.

    (Rafflecopter entries as ‘Rust H.’ — thanks!)

  18. I would like to win because this is an awesome gadget and my three kiddos would have a blast helping me play with it. I’d share with them, something so awesome is too good to keep to yourself. Sharing is caring. I’m not much of an artist but it would be fun to play around and draw. 

  19. I’ve been contemplating buying a tablet, but it would make no sense to carry two pieces of equipment when I could have one that would do the job of two. 🙂

  20. i would love one because it is the only thing I’ve really wanted in a very long time(i’m in college).i cant buy one because i cant afford it, i cant even afford a regular phone right now.if i win it i will be so excited and use it to the fullest of its ability. i hope its not a long-shot b/c i never actually win anything i enter.i hope i win this one,it will really help me a lot.
    p.s:i’m in america despite my email domain 🙂

  21. I would draw my Dogs I have three all different so I’d love to have the drawings to show my friends & maybe post on FB & blogs  

  22. I love the look of this phone and its size, I could ditch everything else and just use my phone for everything!

  23. I love bigger screen devices (I still use a Dell Streak 5). The Note blows the Streak away and I really like the idea of the stylus for precise detailing…

  24. I want the galaxy note because it is big enough to get work done and small enough to tote around everywhere. Love the size!

  25. I want the Samsung Galaxy Note so that I can sign and email my documents back, instead of finding a printer, printing, signing, and then paying to get it faxed.

  26. I am going to college and would love to win a Galaxy Note. The phone is awesome, and definitely the best android phone to date. It has a beautiful 720 HD screen, a stylus (S pen), a gorgeous 5.3 inch display, blazing fast LTE/HSPA+, great camera, super lighting fast processor  (exynos/snapdragon depends on version), now with the new hack I can flash t-mobile’s radios on it :D, but even if I cannot this phone is worth having 2g for. The phone is just overall awesome, it can do everything! On top of that it is getting the new android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich OS, which will add hardware acceleration and make it way faster. People with the Galaxy Note I envy, it is just so great. As I mentioned earlier I am going to college so winning this Galaxy Note will definitely help taking notes especially with swype and/or the S pen. There are so many reasons and I can keep going, but I do not want to overload servers (lol jk). I really hope you guys win, and G’luck to everyone.
    -Drzfr3shboialex is my twitter so you guys can see 🙂

  27. I’m a college student and it would be much easier to carry around the Galaxy Note than a laptop and a phone. It would make my bookbag so much lighter! 

  28. I love everything about the Galaxy Note. I have big hands and love looking at a big (small) screen. 

  29. This would be the tablet that fills the office role perfectly. Small enough to grab and go to meetings. Staying connected and taking notes right on the screen. Love it.

  30.  I want the Samsung Galaxy because it would help me organize, work, play and be HAPPY so … I would draw happy faces on the Galaxy!

  31. I want to win the galaxy note because it is powerful and just the right size to carry around everyday. 

  32. I want the Note because its the  best of both worlds having a pocket sized tablet that also double as a phone = win win! Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I would love to be able to access the internet from anywhere and I love that you can do EVERYTHING with it including the Photoshop Touch and using it as a phone!
    Amanda S.

  34. I would like the Galaxy Note because I have a little candybar phone that doesn’t even have a camera. Upgrade, please! 🙂

  35. i really want this !! 🙂 i’m already dreaming about it,i want to give you ten reasons i would love to own this:
    1.i don’t have a phone
    2.i’m a tech geek
    3.i love the huge screen!!’ll be a luxury,i cant afford it this is my only chance
    5.i can use it for school 
    6.i love entertainment so i will use this as much as i can for fun
    7. i’m an aspiring photographer/director so this would be perfect
    8.i would love to use this to document my freshman year 
    9.i would love to use this to entertain the kids i babysit (they can watch “Dora” and Draw on it) 10. i would cherish it forever (literally)

  36. I would draw pictures of my husband scowling because if I won I would have one and he wouldn’t 😛 I love how the NOTE is tough too, now that’s smart and useful!

    PS rafflecopter has me signed in with a gmail addy!

  37. here are ten reasons i really want the galaxy tab:
    1.i’m also a tech geek so i love this phone i think its the best
    2.i’m a student so it’ll make life a lot easier
    3.i love entertainment (i would use this 24/7)
    4.i would use it to entertain the kids i babysit ( i love to see them smile and be happy)
    5.i love to draw!!!!
    6. i’m an aspiring photographer/movie director so this would help a lot
    7.i love the huge screen!
    8.i dont even have a phone right now!! ( cant afford one)
    9. it would be an awesome luxury to have 🙂
    10.i would use it to the fullest of it ability.
    thanx for reading and doing this sweepstake, i really want to win this if i do i’ll be so happy.:) thank you

  38. I’d Love to win because I Love Samsung, I really need a smartphone and I’m very artistic so being able to draw on it is a huge plus in my book.  Thanks for the chance to win. 

  39. I want a Samsung Galaxy Note because it is one of the best phones of Samsung. And I really want to have one 😀

  40. I would love a Galaxy Note because it is the perfect combination of tablet and phone. I could lighten my load and carry fewer electronics!

  41. I love the galaxy note because it is just the right size. Plus the Pen tool would be super awesome to use.
    -marilyn johnson

  42. I’m not very tech-savvy…I’d like to have the 
    Samsung Galaxy Note so that I can learn how to do a little bit more than I know/do now 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. I  want the Galaxy Note, because I have fat fingers and typing on smaller smartphones is too difficult.  I think the Note would be the perfect size.

  44. I’ve been wanting this phone ever since it came out.  I’m moving to Florida soon and enrolling in an online college so this phone would be a great help.  I also write alot of fantasy fiction and have my own website so the smart pen technology would go a long way.  And I’m also learning how to draw manga and kanji (japanese characters) so I would definitely draw those when I got it 8D
    Thanks for the oppurtunity to win!!

  45. The Galaxy Note takes my childhood dream of having a never-ending supply of pens and paper for my random doodles to a new level. Adding its Android-based features AND its abilities as a smartphone up the ante big time. I was intriqued by the Note before, and would love to give it some scribbles!

  46. I’ve been lusting for the Galaxy Note from the second I saw the screen on it and the resolution of said screen.  For me this phone would be a “tablet” I could actually use everyday and take with me everywhere.  I’d love to have this tablet for gaming, browsing and using twitter…and making calls too. 😉

  47. i think it was a scam, its been 3 days now. i had emailed them on facebook and on here, no response….

  48. i take that back, someone responded and said they sent a email to the winner and there name will be announced shortly.

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