Adobe Launches Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe has released its newest set of creative tools, and it looks they’ll be more accessible than ever before. Creative Suite 6 will be available for purchase separately, but will also be available in cloud form, as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

The Creative Cloud is basically Creative Suite 6, plus a few extra tools. The difference is that the software will be available in app form, accessed from the Web and pushed to individual computers. Rather than a one-time fee, those who want to join the Creative Cloud will do so via a monthly subscription.

The Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 are both designed with professionals in mind – graphics designers, app developers, and the like. Since it is a cloud-based suite of software, the Creative Cloud will allow for controlled sharing of projects over Adobe’s cloud services. That will help many to collaborate on projects and keep clients abreast of progress quickly and easily, all from one platform.

Users will be able to download those apps to their computer for offline use, though Adobe is only authorizing two computers to be tied to one account, which is bound to be a frustrating limitation for many. Most of the software included in the suite will be geared toward HTML5. The subscription comes with 20 GB of free cloud storage, with pricing details for further storage still to be announced.

The most attractive pricing for the Creative Cloud is $50 per month with an annual contract. Without that annual contract, the monthly rate is set at $75. There is also a Student and Teacher version tailored to the classroom available for $30 per month. Creative Suite 6 can be purchased as a collective whole, or users can choose to only buy the apps they need. For all 14 apps included in the suite, the Design & Web Premium version is $1,900, the Design Standard version is $1,300, the Production Premium version is $1,900, and the Master Collection is $2,600.

Check out the press releases below for more information about the apps included in Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6, but suffice it to say, if you’re in the world of digital creativity, you’re probably going to want to take a long, hard look at what Adobe has to offer.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Suite 6

Adobe Student and Teacher Edition

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