Ashton to Portray Steve Jobs and No We Haven’t Been Punk’d

As a rule, pretty much every piece of news released on April 1st is subject to a one-day waiting period before it can be accepted as fact. Believe it or not, this one passes the test – Ashton Kutcher really will be playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic about the late Apple CEO.

“Jobs,” which will begin production in May, is being directed by Joshua Michael Stern (“Swing Vote”), and the script will be written by Matt Whiteley. Because it really couldn’t end up any other way, “Jobs” will be an indie film, putting Kutcher in the role of a young Steve Jobs as he travels through India before becoming the entrepreneurial force behind Apple.

The casting might seem a little odd at first, but Kutcher has been taking on his share of more dramatic roles as of late, so it’s not too much of a stretch. That, and if you cock your head just right, you can kind of see a resemblance there.

Via Variety

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