Show Off Your Beats with the Audio-Technica AT-HPS550 Headphone Stand

So, usually a desk or your bed or something fills this niche pretty nicely for a lot less than $100, but if such common places aren’t dignified enough for your precious new set of headphones, get another Benjamin ready for this headphone stand from Audio-Technica.

The Audio-Technica AT-HPS550 Headphone Stand is just that – a stand for your headphones, to show them off and I guess make it harder to lose track of them. The base is made of natural wood, while the rest of the stand is made of stainless steel and a sheet of high pressure acrylic. The stand is 11.5” high x 5.5” wide.

The Audio-Technica Headphone Stand is selling on AudioCubes for $100. If you absolutely must buy this, at least make sure that your pair of headphones actually cost you more than the stand they’ll be sitting on while you’re not listening to your tunes.

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