AT&T to Offer iPhone Unlocking Option to Out-of-Contract Customers

In a surprisingly generous move, AT&T has confirmed that they will unlock iPhones for customers whose contracts with AT&T have ended, freeing those customers to change their SIM cards and use their iPhones with another telecommunications company.

There have been less legal ways of doing just that for years (see: jailbreaking), but for those who wished to remain on the straight and narrow, or for those without the technical expertise to jailbreak a phone, a simple and legal option to free up their iPhones from AT&T’s vice-like grip now exists.

That said, the only other major United States carrier iPhone owners can switch to is T-Mobile, a fellow GSM network provider. CDMA carriers Verizon and Sprint are incompatible with AT&T iPhones, regardless of whether or not they have been unlocked.

So, if you toughed out two years with Ma Bell and are itching to pick up sticks and take your iPhone’s business elsewhere, AT&T is now willing to help you make that happen. Users can have their phones unlocked remotely or by taking them to an AT&T retail store, where they can enjoy an awkward exchange with the sales representative before having their phones unlocked.

Via The New York Times

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