Barbie is Running for President and Standing On Her Own Two Feet!

There really isn’t anything Barbie can’t do and now she can be President! In this complicated political climate, it’s nice to see some levity with this latest introduction from the Barbie I Can Be….line of Barbie’s. It is also great to see a women in the oval office, even if it is Barbie and she is covered in pink from head to toe. Hey, if she can be an Engineer and a Fashion Designer, why not a President!

Barbie will hit the campaign trail with a  “glam-paign” alongside her trusty political advisor — The White House Project. Dressed to the nines in a designer pink power suit ( what else would it be) and a new Tumblr blog, Barbie stands on her own as this campaign’s ONLY female candidate.

As a member of the ‘B’ party, Barbie’s platform calls for girls to “B inspired,” “B informed” and “B involved.”

“The Barbie brand’s career-focused line of I Can Be… dolls often shine a pink spotlight on professions that are historically underrepresented by women,” said Cathy Cline, Vice President of U.S. Marketing, Mattel Girls’ Brands. “We hope that Barbie will inspire girls to be leaders – be it in their schools, classrooms, or communities – with the President doll. We know that role play often becomes real play… and when better to plant the seed of leadership in a girl’s mind than during play time.”

Not only is she running for President, but she can actually stand on her own two plastic feet without the need of a doll stand. The ever fashionable Barbie will be sporting a pink wedge that lets her stand on her own and debate the issues most important to us. Which is more than I can say for the rest of the candidates…. Barbie I Can Be…President doll will be available beginning April 5th for pre-orders at www.mattelshop.com and launch officially this summer in Caucasian, African American, Hispanic and Asian ethnicities.



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  1. All we need now is accessories like glasses, hunting rifle and snow mobile. Of course to have her say “u betya…”

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