Bluetooth Headset That Sports Earbuds – Say What??!!

99% of technophiles agree – cords suck. As far as earphones go, these Bluetooth earbuds look like one of the best attempts yet to cut the cord connecting earphones to mp3 players.

Essentially, what you’re getting is two Bluetooth headsets. The difference is that these manage to be much smaller and more comfortable than your average Bluetooth headset, while being able to stream music directly from an mp3 player. The earbuds resemble a pair of hearing aids, and are about the same size – small enough to go unnoticed by the casual observer. Adding a microphone is optional, and those interested can receive a special Bluetooth dongle that connects to a 3.5 mm audio jack, in case the device you want to pair your earbuds with is not Bluetooth-enabled. Music can be muted and unmuted by pressing on the right earbud lightly for a few seconds, which is a pretty cool and pretty convenient little trick.

If you want to see these Bluetooth earbuds become a reality, check out the Kickstarter page – the developers have a lofty goal of $50,000 and only have until the end of May to get there.

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