Resist the Urge to Breakdance with the Boombox iPhone 4S Case

Nothing can beat the suffocating waves of cool that come from the boombox-on-the-shoulder guy, but you can at least capture some of his swagger with the Freshfiber Boombox iPhone cover. Compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, the Boombox case is made of stretchy nylon, and comes in black, red, gray, and blue. The back has a classic boombox pattern, but actually manages to sneak in a little functionality. The boombox handle kicks out to give your iPhone a landscape stand for movie watching or reading. Of course, the case works best when you’re propping it up to put your tunes on blast – at least, as on blast as you can get with those native iPhone speakers.

The Freshfiber Boombox iPhone cover is selling now on Strapya World for $48.

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