Chrysler Vehicles to Feature Wireless Smartphone Charging

Starting with the 2013 Dodge Dart, which hits dealerships in the next few months, Chrysler Group vehicles will have wireless smartphone charging as an extra feature. The wireless charging bin, designed by Mopar, Chrysler’s parts and service division, will be located under the center stack and will begin charging smartphones once the driver starts the vehicle.

Wireless charging, as usual, means that an extra smartphone case will be required to facilitate the process. That case will be provided with the feature. Chrysler claims that the case has been “specifically designed for a variety of smartphones.” It’s not clear what that means, exactly, so keep an eye out for further information if you’re interested.

The feature is available now, and costs about $200, plus unspecified installation costs. It’s unclear whether or not older Chrysler vehicles are compatible, or if that price only holds for upcoming Chrysler models.

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