Elebra is All The Energy You Need For Your Brain – Review

Last year we reviewed the all natural, vegetarian, hangover prevention pill, Drinkwel. This year we’re reviewing the all natural, vegetarian, energy pill: Elebra. Elebra isn’t your run of the mill energy supplement. It’s designed for hard working professionals, boosting energy levels, brain function, and concentration.

Elebra is a capsule with a serving size of one to three relatively large pills. The highlights of Elebra’s 21 ingredient formula are Guarana seed extract for a natural dose of caffeine, B-Complex vitamins like B12 and B6 to help metabolism and maintain energy, hosphatidylserine and L-Tyrosine to help brain function, and lastly antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals.

From personal experience with Elebra, I can vouch that it provides energy, but more so in the concentration/focus sense. As a full-sized 200-pounder, I take the 3-capsule serving size. Elebra doesn’t make me jittery or over-energetic, rather it just gives me the energy to sit down and get work done. The herbal ingredients must really create a more natural energy, because it makes me feel like I’m just being really productive at work as opposed to turning me into a new person with an unnatural amount of energy. I also tried Elebra outside of the work place, prior to a night on the town. The effects weren’t as noticeable; in social environments it kind of just keeps me awake–unlike redbull which will give me a real rush.

The best part of Elebra, in my experience, is that there’s no comedown. Concentration may subtly fade, but it’s more or less unnoticeable when the effects wear off. There’s no crashing. The capsules take about 20 minutes to kick in, and last a good couple hours. There have been no noticeable side effects.

As a healthy alternative to the crazy energy drinks and supplements out there, Elebra is great. The energy it provides feels more natural and isn’t the jittery type of energy that ends with a crash. It’s more geared towards concentration, great for doing work or studying. It wakes up your brain without making you a new person. A 30 capsule bottle of Elebra costs $29.95. At roughly $1 a pill, it’s not a whole lot cheaper than other alternatives, but it’s a lot healthier!

The Good: Herbal, Natural, Vegetarian Ingredients, Great for Productivity/Concentration, No Crash, No Jitters
The Bad: Requires Food and Water

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