GE X400 Offers Entry-Level DSLR Quality on the Cheap


You might have missed the fact that back in 2007, GE created its General Imaging division, with the purpose of creating digital cameras. Seems that now, GE is starting to turn up the marketing heat on its new brand, and for good reason. General Imaging has been putting out a lot of bridge cameras – cameras that bridge the gap between DSLRs and point-and-shoots. One of their newest offerings, the GE X400, does just that, with impressive specs at an equally impressive price.

The main thing that sets the X400 apart from a point-and-shoot is the 15x optical zoom, achieved by a larger, bulkier lens. This is no DSLR, though – the lens is fixed and there is no manual viewfinder. The X400 has the body of a DSLR with the soul of a point-and-shoot. The settings on the back are standard fare for a point-and-shoot, keeping things simple for novice photographers who just want a simple camera capable of taking high-quality pictures. That 15x optical zoom will do wonders if you’re planning on going on vacation anytime soon – pictures taken when sightseeing will be much richer in detail than what you would get with most point-and-shoots.

Besides the optical zoom, the X400 features optical image stabilization for those without a steady hand, a 27 mm wide angle lens, and 3200 ISO for pictures taken in low-light conditions. It has a 14 MP sensor and a 2.7” LCD screen on the back.

That’s all well and good, but the X400 would be nothing special if not for the price. You can pick up a GE X400 now for about $120. The camera is exclusively available at Walmart. That’s a great price point for DSLR tech – if the words “aperture settings” scare you, this simplified, high-quality camera could be just for you.