Gmate Turns iPod Touch Into an iPhone, and iPhone to Dual SIM

Skyroam’s Gmate is hardly the first sketchy product of its kind that we have come across to tout the ability to add dual SIM capabilities to the iPhone, but it is one of the more legit looking ones. Gmate is essentially an accessory that has two big capabilities. First it can transform your iPhone or an Android phone into a dual SIM phone. Second, it can transform an iPod Touch into an iPhone. Regarding the latter feature, it actually adds the ability to make voice calls, send SMS, and surf the web via the Gmate’s GPRS/EDGE on the iPod Touch.

But besides for the iPod Touch, Gmate can even transform an iPad into an iPad 3G, with the ability to make calls. It can also similarly transform an Android tablet into a phone of sorts.

The Gmate itself weighs just 48g and measures 87 × 47 × 11.7, and it connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPod touch or Android device via Bluetooth. The device has a 72 hour battery life and a slot to hold a single SIM card. It’s actually available in two different models, and in a few different colors too. The big difference between the two models is that Gmate+ also has a vibrate mode.

Of-course, the biggest question here is how inconvenient and practical is it to have to carry around a second device in order to transform the iPhone into a dual-sim phone, or to transform the iPod Touch into an iPhone? Sure, you can easily throw it into a bag or a pocket and let it operate wirelessly. However, we can’t envision many people choosing to take this route. However, if you do decide to give it a whirl, a Gmate will cost you $99.


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  1. I would think the only practical purpose would be to turn something that isnt a phone into one- like maybe an IPod or an Ipad?

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