Google Street View Takes You to the Holy Land

Google’s quest to help you explore the world without ever leaving the house has brought them to the Holy Land. You can now explore the streets of Jerusalem on Google Maps Street View, along with Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Haifa. The Israeli cities are packed with historical landmarks critical to all three of the major Western religions, along with a few museums. Some of those museums that you can see along the road have interactive photo archives that you can browse through, including the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

History geeks rejoice – if actually going to Israel isn’t financially feasible, you can still get an up-close-and-personal look at some of the most significant historical religious sites thanks to the new street views. In addition to the three cities listed above, Google is working on making street views of the rest of the region to users in the new future. Check out the Google Lat Long Blog for more information and to take a virtual stroll through time.

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