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Mayer Hawthorne FLüDs This Watch With Soul

flud hawthorne

The soulful style of Mayer Hawthorne is coming to the land of wristwatches. New York based FLüD has joined up with the singer/songwriter to create TableTurns, a celebration of Hawthorne’s many throwback influences. TableTurns is a watch in the guise of a mini-turntable, with a heart in the center of the dial, reminiscent of Hawthorne’s first single, “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”/”When I Said Goodbye,” which was released on a red heart-shaped vinyl record. The wrist strap is made of silicone.

TableTurns is available on the FLüD website in a pretty wide variety of color schemes, but some of those are already sold out, and according to the website, this is a limited release just planned for this spring. Hawthorne fans might want to get on the site quickly if they still want to bag one. TableTurns costs $80, which isn’t too bad for a pretty nice (and pretty unique) watch.