Huawei Resurrects Push-to-Talk on an Android Smartphone in Peru

Push-to-Talk never died, but interest in the service has seemed to wane over the past few years, especially with Nextel fading into Sprint’s background. Huawei and Nextel are hoping to create some buzz in Peru, though, with an Android-based smartphone offering Push-to-Talk functionality.

Nextel Peru and Huawei are launching the U8820, a 3G and Push-to-Talk smartphone running on the Android operating system, though it isn’t clear which version of Android the phone is running. The U8820 will feature a 3.8” touchscreen, Wi-Fi, a 5 MP camera with flash, and 4 GB of internal storage.

The U8820, as with most Push-to-Talk devices, will be marketed toward the business crowd. This phone is one of the first of its kind to appear in Peru, so Nextel Peru and Huawei are hoping to cash in on what it perceives as an unfilled niche in the South American country’s smartphone market.

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