Incipio New iPad 3 Slim Kickstand Folio Case

Of course Apple had to go and change the New iPad dimensions just enough to make us buy new cases. Thus begins our search for the ideal New iPad 3rd Generation Case. Even though the Incipio Slim Kickstand Folio Case is among the first of our iPad 3 case reviews, it’s quickly become one of our favorites. The Kickstand Folio Case features a classy “vegan-leather” tri-folding design with kickstand and a sleek form factor.

The Incipio Slim Kickstand Folio case has become an instant fave mainly because it’s so thin while still being protective and versatile. The black vegan (faux) leather is pretty much indistinguishable from real leather. It’s stitched all the way around the front. On the back, the vegan leather seamlessly fuses with a soft plastic (or hard rubber?) that runs around the edges and interior for a perfect fit and solid protection for iPad. The inner cover is lined in microfiber to keep iPad’s screen safe and scratch-free.

There is an elastic band that stretches over the cover to keep iPad securely closed. I enjoyed sliapping my hand through the band as a safety in case I were to drop iPad. All of the cutouts are as good as can be. The case is nice and light at 8.8oz. This is important considering the New iPad is heavier than the previous models.

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Of course the Kickstand Case can prop up iPad, and it does so quite nicely at different angles. The Tri-Folding design allows the cover to fold all the way behind and around iPad. With the cover on a surface, iPad can sit securely in one of two indents along the inside of the cover. These two different landscape angles are sturdy enough for all your iPad needs. You can also stand iPad straight up, 90 degrees, in portrait mode, though the case isn’t really intended for this viewing angle.

The Incipio Slim Kickstand Case for the New iPad (3rd Gen) is an all-around great case. The only thing it’s missing is a magnetic smart lock, but oftentimes these covers are flakey and aid in battery depletion. The case is sleek, protective, comfortable, and professionally sophisticated. At a retail price of $39.99, it’s well worth it. It looks pricier based on appearance alone; the raw versatility, usability, and portability seals the deal. The Incipio Slim Kickstand Case for the New iPad is currently available in black from Incipio.com or Amazon.com.

The Good: Thin, Light, Nice-Looking, Props iPad at Multiple Angles, Elastic Seal Doubles as Safety, Protective, Comfortable, Easy to Insert and Remove iPad

The Bad: Shows Grease, No Magnetic Smart Lock

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