Incipio New iPad 3 Smart Feather Cover Review

So you bought an Apple Smart Cover for your New iPad 3… then realized it offers next-to-no protection for your iPad! That is where the Incipio Smart Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case comes to the rescue. Together, the Smart Cover and Incipio Smart Feather offer all-around protection to the New iPad while maintaining iPad’s sleekness, style, and usability.

The Incipio Smart Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case is a back shell specially designed for the New iPad 3. The hard shell polycarbonate case has a matte finish that’s soft to the touch. It’s slightly flexible and snaps onto the back of iPad, grasping onto iPad’s frame. It doesn’t cover any of the front of iPad, that’s what the Apple Smart Cover is for.

The side of the Smart Feather was molded to fit Smart Covers magnetic anchor and clasps. The top and bottom of the the case is exposed for unobstructed access to the charging port, mic, speaker, lock button, and headphone jack. There are cutouts for the camera and the volume/toggle buttons.

The Apple Smart Cover needs to be properly set in place before attaching the Smart Feather shell. Once the shell is on, the Smart Cover is bound to your iPad. This is both good and bad. With the Smart Feather Case attached, iPad can still be propped up in two different viewing angles by the Smart Cover.

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The case is only 1mm thick and yet it’s still quite protective. It certainly protects iPad from scratches and bumps. It should also hold up well from accidental drops. It even comes with Incipio’s vanity kit that includes a cleaning cloth, screen protector, and applicator card.

Apple’s Smart Cover is great, it protects the screen from scratches, functions as a convenient stand, and has an auto sleep/wake feature built-in. The fundamental problem is that it offers the back and sides of iPad zero protection. Using Incipio Smart Feather not only offers iPad complete protection, but it adds to iPad’s stylish appearance. The Smart Feather is available in very nice variety of colors including light blue, pink, creme, navy, dark gray, iridescent gray, gray, lime, red, tan, frost, translucent mercury, and black. It’s available in just about every color that Apple’s Smart Cover is. The Incipio Smart Feather retails for $34.99 from Incipio.com, but most of the colors can be purchased for under $25 from Amazon.com. If you already have an Apple Smart Cover that you don’t want to put to waste, it’s an affordable investment. If not, buying both separately could cost around $70, which is pricy for iPad protection.

If you’re looking for a back shell cover for iPad without using Smart Cover, take a look at our Incipio NGB Semi-Rigid Soft Shell Case review.

The Good: Lightweight, Easy to Apply, Thin, Colors!, Works with Apple Smart Cover, Includes Screen Protector, Protects iPad’s Back from Scratches, Bumps, and Accidental Drops

The Bad: Smart Cover Needs to be Properly Placed before applying Smart Feather



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  1. Great deal with this iPad cover in very effective price ranges. You can also buy a good a very good protection from damages and dust. I will definitely buy this one, if you have more colours on this same product.

  2. By far the worst I Pad cover I have ever bought. I love the color and the hard case on the back but the front flap cover sucks mine is falling apart. I can see the inside of the cover it’s separating. Terrible product. I purchased it at Walmart and 3 weeks later it started separating I had thrown out my receipt not thinking I would need it and could not return it so now I’m stuck with it. I would not recommend this product to anyone!!!!!.

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