Intel Studybook is the Classmate PC of Tablets

To date, Intel has deployed over 7 million Classmate PCs worldwide. Hot on the heals of that success, they are announcing the Intel Studybook tablet. The Studybook is an Android tablet that has been designed especially for the k-8 education market. This new tablet project should hardly come as a surprise venture with Intel now beginning to enter the Android tablet market with their Atom Z series of processors.

The 7″ Studybook tablet follows in the footsteps of the Classmate PC with a ruggedized design that very much resembles the Classmate PC, and is likewise designed to be approachable to kids. The body of the tablet is made of a white one piece construction plastic body with rounded edges and shock-absorbers around the screen. To that effect, the tablet has been drop tested to 70 cm, and it’s water resistant, making it perfect for use in a classroom environment – where its sure to get knocked about quite a bit.

Under the hood, the Intel Studybook is packing in an Atom z650 processor with either 1GB or 2GB of ram, and a choice of 4, 8, 16, or 32gb of storage. The 7″ display is capacitive, and packs in a 1024 x 768 resolution. Intel has also built in front and rear cameras, a microSD card slot, and HDMI out. Battery life is supposed to last up-to 5 hours, and there is both a wi-fi only and a 3G option available, as well as a version of the Studybook running Windows 7.

Intel is prepared to offer the tablet as a complete education solution and they plan on doing so by bundling the tablet with special education apps. For example, the Kno app for textbooks offers students the ability to read through interactive textbooks that come complete with an Interactive glossary, embedded YouTube videos, and interactive 3D models. The Adaptive curriculum app offers more interactive learning with a Simulated virtual lab experience. And finally, the Labcam app offers a whole slew of tools for budding scientists like a Microscope, a time lapse cam, a universal logger, and a pathfinder tool.

We got a chance to spend some hands on time with a reference design of the Studybook. Our first impressions of the tablet is that it is very solidly built and looks like it can handle a classroom environment much better than a traditional Android tablet. Intel’s goal is for the price of the Studybook to be ideally under $200. That price tag makes it competitive with other kids’ tablets out there, but the build quality and software package alone are what makes this tablet stand out amongst the other slew of children’s tablets hitting shelves now. Of course this tablet is also designed to work in harmony with a Classroom and platform management system for teachers, making it even more ideal for an educational environment.

One thing is for sure, the tablet form-factor lets kids and teachers do things that they couldn’t quite do the same using a traditional laptop form-factor, so if the success of the Classmate PC is any indicator, than the Studybook should have a bright future ahead of itself.

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