iPad App of the Week: PeekTab Keeps Tabs On Those Using Your iPad

PeekTab is essentially spy software designed specifically with tablets in mind. The idea is that employers who distribute company-owned tablets and parents of kids who use tablets can keep abreast of the activity going on on those tablets at all times. It’s important to note that, aside from rare exceptions, those are the only two legal uses of software like this.

PeekTab, when installed on a tablet, records just about every piece of data that passes through the device. That includes web history, emails, Facebook communication, text messages, photos, app usage, and notes. The full list is much larger than that. All of that data is transmitted to an online viewing account that can be accessed from an Internet browser. GPS information about where the tablet has been is also transmitted to that online account.

Again, if you’re not a parent or an employer and you are thinking about using this, know that in almost every situation, you will be breaking the law. Will this be abused illegally? Probably. Please don’t be one of those people.

PeekTab is available for Apple and Android tablets, and will be available for the BlackBerry PlayBook sometime in the near future. However, in order to use it for an iPad, the iPad must be jailbroken, which is probably going to void your warranty. Granted, jailbreaking is a process that can be reversed, but if it’s not something you’re familiar with, use caution and do your homework before considering PeekTab.

PeekTab is available now, and costs $30 every quarter, or about $10 per month, to use.

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