Make Your Own Reality TV Show with iPhone Boom Mic

With all the upgrades to video we’re seeing in new smartphones this year, it’s easy to forget that subpar audio often makes those video improvements moot. That means just about every would-be smartphone cameraman or woman can benefit from having the iPhone Boom Mic.

The iPhone Boom Mic is apparently only compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, but since it functions by connecting to the headphone jack, it’s hard to say why exactly this wouldn’t work with other smartphones. The compatibility restriction is coming straight from the makers of this device, though, so I would take their word for it. In addition to amplifying sound coming into your iPhone, the Boom Mic can be toggled between directional and multi-directional settings, the former if you’re recording a live show, the latter if you’re recording something more intimate, like an interview.

For anyone who wants to take something approaching professional quality videos on the go using just a smarthphone, the lightweight iPhone Boom Mic should do wonders. Mobile journalists will also be well served by the first gadget we’ve seen that really addresses the problem of inadequate audio recording on smartphones.

The iPhone Boom Mic is selling from Photojojo for $40, and runs on one AAA battery.

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