Incase Sticks Your iPhone in a Box Case

I must have missed the memo that said the boxy look was in, but indeed it is according to smartphone case seller Incase. The Box Case is a rubber case for the iPhone 4S coming in black, frost, gray, and pink. The design is simple enough – the case looks like a simple, monochrome box with cutouts for the relevant buttons. There’s a rubber I/O button that goes over the lock button, rather than having an additional cutout there.

If you love your right angles, this would be the case for you. Unfortunately, a huge Incase logo is imprinted over about half of the back of the case, which cramps the otherwise minimalist design. They’ve put out their fair share of iPhone cases, to be sure, but I’m not sure that the Incase brand name carries enough prestige to make that a sound design choice.

Regardless, if you’re interested in boxing up your iPhone 4S, the Box Case is available from Incase now for about $30.

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