Mobiado CPT003 Concept Phone Looks Like a Pair of Biker Pants

The Mobiado CPT003 is a new concept phone from luxury goods producer Mobiado. It is intended to show off potential future developments in Mobiado’s line of luxury phones. What does that mean? Unless you consider gold zippers a radical innovation in design, not a whole lot.

Mobiado’s press release, which manages to be almost admirably bereft of details, tells us that the phone is wrapped in fine Italian leather with inlaid gold zippers. The whole thing is sewn together with gold thread, and the volume and power buttons are both made of solid gold. The screen is made from a single piece of sapphire crystal. All told, (again, besides the zippers), that’s not really a huge departure from everything else we’ve seen on the luxury market to date.

What are the technical specs for this concept phone? Who knows – Mobiado has given no details about that. Then again, I guess that’s not really the important part of the CPT003, is it?


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