Money Stacks Duffle is the Perfect Bag for the Mega Millions Winners

Those three (very, very, very) lucky people from Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois have a little extra spending money lining their pockets these days. And, as the song goes, when you got it, flaunt it. The Money Stacks Duffle will do nicely.

The three $218.6 millionaires can show off their ownership of fat stacks without risking getting mugged every five seconds with this duffle bag, decorated from top to bottom with Benjamins. There’s even an extra pocket to store those fabulous patent leather shoes they’ll no doubt be getting.

Then again, the hubris alone might provoke a few muggings anyway, just on principle. This one’s probably better used for the rest of us when we want to act out our dreams of completing under-the-table deals with the mob while making demands about the status of “shipments.”

The Money Stacks Duffle is $60 on Sprayground – a trifle for a certain few people these days.

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