Redesigned Motorola Gleam for 2012 Arrives in Spain – Ole!

Motorola is releasing a 2012 version of its popular clamshell Gleam phone. The Gleam+ is 13.5mm thick, and is a flip phone with basic capabilities aimed towards the fashion-conscious market. Despite its limited capabilities, the Gleam+ does now come with an HTML web browser, and has the ability to take pictures and video with a 2 MP camera. There’s also an on-board FM player and mp3 player. The display comes in the form of a 2.8” WQVGA screen (400 x 240).

The main selling point of the Gleam+ is its looks, though, which rests on the attraction of an incredibly thin flip phone along with a sleek, minimalist design and a large LED matrix display on the back which tells the time and offers alert notifications.

The Motorola Gleam+ will be dancing into the Spanish market this month, and will be available from Orange, Vodafone, and Yoigo. Pricing is unknown as of now. If you just want a phone to be a phone, and look good doing it, the Gleam+ will probably be one of the top picks this year. That said, I don’t imagine it will have all that much competition.



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