You Might Have Found Mr. Right in the Mini Man iPhone Case

At least you know he’ll always be around to take care of your iPhone. The Mini Man iPhone 4/4S Case is a watchful silicone protector, complete with bendable and poseable limbs. Thanks to LEGO-like claw hands, the Mini Man can also hang onto your headphone cords, I suppose. I’m not clear on the advantages of that, but there it is nonetheless.

The limbs keep their shape, so you can hang your new significant other just about anywhere, or entertain yourself with any number of funky dance poses. With any luck, you’ll be able to make the Mini Man a better dancer than most actual guys out there.

He’s a cheap date, too. The Mini Man iPhone 4/4S Case is selling on iwowcase.com for $13.63, and comes in black, pink, orange, or blue.

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