The Pac-Man Shaped Joystick is a Gift From Geek Heaven

The heyday of the old Namco arcade machines is long gone, but the memories are still fresh. The new Namco 11-in-1 TV Games Set with Pac-Man Joystick shows that yes, you can go to your 8-bit home again.

The joystick is in the form of classic 8-bit Pac-Man, and houses 11 classic games from the ’80s, including favorites like Pac-Man and Dig Dug, plus under-appreciated gems like Xevious. In addition to those 11, the Pac-Man 256 Stage Challenge, which kicks off on the final level of the classic Pac-Man game, is also on board.

If all of your ’80s-era consoles have gone on to greener pastures, the Pac-Man Joystick should do more than enough to satiate your hunger for retro gaming. The $25 price tag is looking pretty good, too, considering you’re getting 11 of the finest ’80s arcade games all in one place. The Pac-Man Joystick takes 4 AA batteries to operate.

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