Dual Painted Tunes Headphones Review – the Best Earbuds $20 Can Get

Dual Electronics Painted Tunes in-ear Headphones are creating shockwaves in the tech-universe. These quirky headphones and their paint tube carrying case cost just $20 with claims of delivering the quality of $100 headphones.

We give Dual Electronics an A+ for creativity in packaging the Painted Tunes earbuds. Inside the packaging is a tube of paint… seemingly. This plastic tube has a snap seal on the back which gives access to the headphones and silicone ear tips. The paint tube isn’t just packaging, but a relatively practical and quite protective carrying case. It even has a cap that screws off like any paint tube would.

The Painted Tunes are in-ear headphones, and come with small, medium, and large silicone ear tips. These colorful headphones have a flat cord, which we’re fans of since they abstain from tangling (and look cool). The Painted Tunes use a straight plug and the cord is a bit longer than most headphones. Even though the headphones are marketed as iPhone/iPod/iPad compatible they don’t have any special features like a microphone or ControlTalk button.

Do these $20 Painted Tunes headphones really sound like $100 headphones? We’ve reviewed some pretty crummy $100 headphones, so yes, they surely sound better than some headphones in that price range. They sound a lot better than most $20 earbuds. To best describe it, they have a very full sound. They offer an audio range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz. They provide nice bass and pretty clear and balanced mids and highs. They don’t distort and they don’t sound tinny.

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The ear caps are larger than most. This helps with noise isolation, keeping your music in and ambient music out. Personally, I had a tough time finding a perfect fit with the three sizes.

All-in-all, for $20, the Painted Tunes headphones aren’t just a fun purchase but a quality pair of headphones that sound amazing for their price class. The paint tube carrying case isn’t the most pocket-friendly, however it’s an incredibly handy and protective way of transporting memory cards, small adapters, and of course headphones. We would love if we could pay a few extra dollars for a microphone and control button, but it’s probably just a matter of time before they offer that functionality too. The Dual Electronics Painted Tunes in-ear Headphones are currently available in red, green, blue(pictured), black, and white. They can be purchased from Blue Sky Fun or from Amazon for the ripe price of $20.

The Good: Affordable, Tangle-Free Flat Cord, Fun and Protective Carrying Case, Cool Colors, Full Audio Quality, Lightweight

The Bad: Could Be More Comfortable, No Mic/Control Button

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  1. These are cute.. I’d probably buy them right away if they had a mic. I haven’t had headphones with a mic before, but I want to upgrade to some. I really love the packaging too.

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