Personalized BLENDit Phone Cases are Retro Chic

If your smartphone isn’t “you” enough, take a look at these BLENDit phone cases on sale now from Firebox. You can choose between 24 different designs, then slap your name (or any name) on for a personalized case. And, rare good news for BlackBerry owners – the BLENDit cases have your phones’ backs, as well as those of all iPhones 3G and above.

Though there is plenty of variety between the 24 styles, there certainly seems to be a retro undercurrent. You can choose to pay tribute to old-school B-Movie science-fiction and fantasy fare, show off your retro gaming cred, or give a nod to the prohibition era. All cases are of the hard plastic clip-on sort.

As mentioned before, you can grab a BLENDit case for any iPhone above a 3G, or for any BlackBerry Bold or Curve, with the exceptions of the Bold 9900/9930, Bold 9000, and Curve 9360. The cases are selling for £19.99, or about $32.

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