Live Out Your DC Comic Fantasies with Personalised Superhero Action Figures

Think you’re ready to take your turn as Bruce Wayne or Wonder Woman? ThatsMyFace.com is putting your mug on your favorite superheroes, in 6” action figure form.

The poseable action figures available range from popular superheroes like Batman or Wonder Woman to plainclothes folks – alter egos, if you prefer to think of it that way. There are even a few supervillains thrown in for good measure, if you’re not into the whole goody-two-shoes thing. The site lets you choose your action figure’s outfit and hair before allowing you to upload one or more pictures of the face you want plastered on.

Finally making it into the Justice League doesn’t come cheap, though. Each personalized 6” action figure costs $99, plus shipping. Still, being able to act out your favorite superhero scenes with your own face attached has to count for something. Better start practicing your Christian Bale-Batman voice now.

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