The Playa iPhone Case is Perfect for Those Hard Up for Protection

Finally, a solution for all those who need to use the utmost discretion when carrying around condoms  – the Playa Case for the iPhone 4/4S. The case has a slide-out compartment in the back where nightly hopefuls can stash their condoms, in case they play their game correctly.

This is surely vital to many – as the creators point out, “After observing how the ring of a condom can be easily viewed through the leather of a wallet, the Playa™ Case creators wanted to ensure that while you’re playing it safe, you’re not giving the game away.” Because, you know, a phone case with the word “Playa” emblazoned on the back certainly isn’t going to raise any red flags. Should be smooth sailing.

If you want the most protective iPhone case ever, you’ll need to wait until things heat up a bit this summer. The Playa Case will be available in black, white, and pink, and will retail for about $30. Ladies and gentlemen gamers will have to find some other way to hide those precious happy bags until then.

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