Reverie’s Dream Sleep System Encourages You to Sleep with Your iPad

You probably already loved your iPad that much anyway – might as well consummate the relationship. Your iPad will be your bedside companion if you buy Reverie’s Dream Sleep System.

Reverie makes technology-friendly mattresses that help to make things more comfortable in a few ways. The mattresses are adjustable, and come with massaging equipment under the surface. There also an Anti-Snore setting, but there’s no word on how that works, exactly. There’s also the Zero-Gravity feature, which apparently puts the beds in the mealtime at the hospital position, pictured below. I’m not really sure what’s going on with the nomenclature here, but the mattresses look and sound comfortable enough.

The iPad can be used as remote for all of those functions. Users can save their favorite bed positions to the iPad for quick access, which isn’t a bad idea if you find it hard to get perfectly comfortable in bed. All of this manages to guarantee one thing – if you buy in to this, your iPad really will never leave your side.

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