SleekSpeak Turns Your Bike into a Boombox on Wheels

It’s always nice to see something on Kickstarter that perfectly fits why the site was created in the first place – a solution to a common problem that makes sense. Having an earful of music might be nice while biking around the city, but not being able to hear what’s going on around you isn’t as nice. SleekSpeak lets you have your music and listen to it, too – safely.

SleekSpeak is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can be mounted onto a bike’s handlebars, so bikers can stream music from their smartphones or mp3 players to an external speaker while riding. Of course, listening to GPS navigation and listening to audiobooks are also possible, if you’re in need of those while on your bike.

SleekSpeak is designed to be powerful and rugged. It can produce sound up to 80 dB, and is water resistant, so you can use it on your other, wetter extreme sports adventures. It’s designed for bicyclists, but it’s really just a multi-purpose mobile speaker that will fit most outdoor activities.

You can check out the price levels and available colors on the SleekSpeak’s Kickstarter page.

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