Springpad 3.0 Opens Your Digital Notebook For All to See

For sometime now I’ve been using Springpad as a method of seamlessly syncing my bookmarks, notes, and task-lists between browsers, computers, and all of my mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android). I was aware I wasn’t using Springpad to its full potential, but after learning about the Springpad 3.0 update (announced today), I realized I haven’t even scratched the surface.

What is Springpad?
Springpad is website, an app (iOS, Android), and a browser extension/add-on. Each Springpad portal has its own unique features, but syncs the same information for complete access from anywhere. The Springpad app, for instance, has an offline mode where you can check out all of your stuff without internet. With the app you also have access to features like voice recording, bar-code scanning, image syncing, or even saving nearby businesses and restaurants by using current location.

Springpad has built in organization and optimization tools to help keep all of your stored data tidy. You can help by using tags and saving items to different notebooks. When you save a web link to Springpad, the application does its best to pull a relevant description and important aspects of the page to help with the organization process. When adding tasks to Springpad, you can set up email, text, and push notification reminders.

What’s New in Springpad 3.0?
Springpad 3.0 has gone social! Prior to the update, Springpad was more of a diary–all your information is private and intended for personal-use only. While privacy is still very much a part of the new update, you can now share the wealth with friends, family, and even the public. Following in the footsteps of Web 2.0, Springpad has made a big stride towards creating a social experience for smart notebooks. As easy as it is to share, it’s just as easy to discover–unearth pictures, websites, recipes, and recommendations from your friends, family, and even similar users. There’s a new “explore” function that allows you to find and follow notebooks from anyone sharing in the community.

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The Springpad 3.0 Update:

● Follow individual notebooks: by content and interest from friends and trusted sources
● Flexible sharing options: make notebooks private or public; and co-curate or collaborate with others.
● Enhanced filtering and organization: ability to tag, sort, and change views; find new notebooks via category and tag pages.
● Automatic enhancements and alerts: useful information like show times, price comparison and reservation links; alerts provide updates, price drops and offers for saved items
● Easy save options: new quick add bar; bookmarklet and browser extensions make searching and saving effortless.
● Universal access: web, retina optimized iOS and Android phones and tablets; offline support is available on all devices for all personal notebooks.
● Personalized notebooks: choose themes and accents

We’re living in the information age, and it gets tough to keep track of the vast amount of information when it’s coming from different places. If you’re looking for a way to simplify the process then check out Springpad–it’s completely free! The iOS app has 4.5 stars in the app store, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Springpad 3.0 launches Today, April 11th. SpringPad is available in the iOS App Store, Android Marketplace, Google Chrome Extension, Firefox Addon, and Springpadit.com

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