Stealth Touch Mouse Gives the Apple Magic Mouse a Run for its Money

Apple’s touch-based Magic Mouse might have met its match with the Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse.

Both mice feature touches in place of clicks, and enable swiping gestures for page down, page back, and other standard mouse features. Neither allow for much customization, but the Stealth boasts a few design choices that will make it the better option for many.

Like the Magic Mouse, Stealth assigns tasks typically handled by buttons and scroll wheels to touch gestures. Tapping on the left left-clicks, tapping on the right right-clicks, and scrolling is done much the same way as you would do it with an old mouse – dragging your finger down the middle of the mouse. The default inclusion of right-click already will make Stealth the better choice for many. The dragging gestures are similar to what the Magic Mouse offers, with up-down and side-to-side swipes controlling page down, page up, page back, and page forward.

Stealth manages to offer a few things that make it more attractive than the Magic Mouse. It works with Windows as well as Mac, while the Magic Mouse is only Apple friendly. The other benefit is that the Stealth is a little fatter. The Stealth is 1.18” high, compared to the Magic Mouse, at 0.5”. Normally, we live in a tech world where thinner is put on a pedestal, but the Magic Mouse has received plenty of complaints about the mouse’s low profile making it uncomfortable to use over long periods of time. The Stealth should offer similar functionality, but in a much more ergonomic way.

Stealth will be available sometime next month in North America and Europe, and will carry a $70 price tag.

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