Toshiba Rolls Out New 7.7″, 10″ and 13″ Excite Tablets

The Ice Cream Sandwich tablet market is about to get a little more crowded. Toshiba is introducing three new ICS tablets as part of their Excite series. The three tablets will be called the Excite 10, the Excite 13, and the Excite 7.7, named according to their screen sizes.

All three tablets will be powered by the highly-touted NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor with GeForce graphics and 1 GB of RAM, and will all feature 5 MP rear-facing cameras and 2 MP front-facing cameras. The tablets should be sturdy enough, with aluminum cases and displays made from scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, which is quickly becoming standard in upper-tier tablets and smartphones. The audio will come courtesy of stereo speakers boosted by sound enhancements developed by Toshiba and SRS Labs. All three will have Micro USB, Micro HDMI, and Micro SD card ports, save for the 7.7, which will lack a Micro HDMI port. 10-finger touch support is confirmed for the 10 and 13, but not for the 7.7.

All three tablets will be nearly identical, save for display size and resolution. The Excite 10 features an AutoBrite LED Backlit display with a 1200 x 800 resolution. The Excite 13 will feature that same AutoBrite display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1600 x 900 resolution. The Excite 7.7 will be Toshiba’s first tablet with an AMOLED display.

The three Excite tablets will all be arriving in stores before summer starts. The Excite 10 tablet will be released on May 6th in 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models, priced at $449.99, $529.99, and $649.99, respectively. The Excite 7.7 tablet will be released on June 10th in 16 GB and 32 GB models, priced at $499.99 and $579.99, respectively. The Excite 13 tablet will also hit on June 10th in 32 GB ($649.99) and 64 GB ($749.99) models.

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