Zepp’s GolfSense Will Correct Your Swing Before Tee Time

Now you have one more item to add to your Golf cart because lugging golf clubs, balls, extra gloves, etc.. isn’t enough. Zepp’s GolfSense is the next piece of iOS gear that will give you feedback on how good or bad your swing is. Instead of depending on your golfing buddies to give you good or bad feedback, the GolfSense can not only tell you at what points you were weakest but also  help improve your swing for a better game next time. You certainly won’t find that kind of constructive criticism from your friends. If you had a really good swing you can even share it on Facebook or email it to friends.

In order for the device to work, you just strap it to your golfing glove and swing. The device will send a 3D analysis back to your iPhone or iPod Touch for further review. Zepp’s GolfSense may still not help you swing a golf club like Tiger Woods, but it may come close to putting you in the right direction.  The Zepp GolfSense retails for $129.95.

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