AMD Trinity A-Series Promises More Powerful, Cheaper Laptops

AMD has just announced their 2nd generation of A-Series APUs, codenamed “Trinity”. These new APUs will start making their ways into everything from mainstream and ultra thin notebooks, to All-in-one PCs, desktops, media center PCs, and more.

These new APUs offer an increase of nearly 29% in CPU performance over the previous generation. But besides for an increase in processor prowess, it’s really the 59% increase in graphic performance over the previous generation that is the real news here. That is because these APUs are all about taking advantage of the GPU for serious video gaming, video editing, and other multimedia intensive tasks – all on a budget. For example, the A-Series will allow for real-time results when applying effects in Photoshop CS6. VLC player also has a GPU button that takes advantage of the A-Series APU to reduce shaky video.

The new A-series also features AMD HD Media Accelerator technology which is able to optimize video content for better video quality, and allows for faster video file conversions. Furthermore, the A-series promises to make it possible for systems to have a battery life of up-to 12 hours.

These 2nd gen APUs will begin showing up in new ultra-thin and lightweight laptops like HP’s just announced ENVY Sleekbooks, which aim to offer an alternative to Intel’s Ultrabooks by offering a similar form-factor, at a more competitive price. You can also expect to see other ultra thin A-series Trinity powered laptops come out that cost around $650, but are powerful enough to play the likes of Battlefield 3, with aplomb.

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