BLENDit Personalized Retro GameBoy Case for iPhone 4S

We recently wrote about the Firebox’s BLENDit case, the personalized retro smartphone cases. Firebox offer 24 awesome retro-chic designs, all personalized with 10-character names. We got our hands on an old-school Gameboy iPhone 4S case, customized for Chip Chick, for review. Firebox also offers cases for Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S case, which may differ from the others, is a two-piece case. There’s a black rubber interior and a hard plastic exterior shell. The rubber interior is form fitting and does a good job protecting iPhone, as is. The hard shell covers almost all of the rubber by use of side fittings and three rubber feet that protrude out the back of the case. These three rubber feet also prevent the case from sliding around a surface. The ports and cutouts are large enough for most needs. There are button overlays for the volume and lock buttons. The overlays are easy to press, though it’s a bit tricky to differentiate volume up from volume down if it’s in your pocket.

Our old school Gameboy case is really cool looking. Instead of “Nintendo Gameboy” it says “Chip Chick’s Phone” in the same font. We were a bit disappointed by the low resolution print, though it may be an intentional part of the design. From more than a foot away, the low resolution is unnoticeable, and it’s not too easy to fool others into thinking we’re actually holding a Gameboy Pocket.

The BLENDit case is almost an all-around amazing case. It’s light, durable, protective, and super sweet-looking. The rubber feet are a nice touch, too. Unfortunately (on our model, at least) the hard outer shell doesn’t stay attached to the case very well. For instance, if iPhone’s laying face down, and we pick it up, we might just be picking up the shell instead of the iPhone (how annoying!). Using your iPhone while you’re laying in bed may result in an iPhone falling directly onto your face.

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BLENDit cases are all completely fab-looking, and even better with a personalized name or text (10 character max). For a custom case, with such neat designs, they’re very affordable, pricing out at $32 from Firebox.com. If Firebox can figure out a way to keep the outer shell better connected to the inner shell, it would be the ultimate case…and not just the trendiest.

The Good: Great Designs, customizable, durable, protective, light, cases for BlackBerrys and iPhone 3G/S and iPhone 4/S, and case has rubber feet to keep it from sliding.

The Bad: Exterior shell falls off phone, 10-character max, and Volume Up/Down overlays aren’t well differentiated.

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