Brazilian Fashion Retailer Really Wants You to Like Their Clothing

You won’t be liking things in the shops themselves (yet), but Brazilian fashion retailer C&A has managed to find a way to combine the marketing magic of Facebook likes with their in-store wares.

The company calls the plan their “Fashion Like” initiative (we know, not the most creative name in the world), and is hoping that the program will generate buzz for the company’s real-life retail selection .C&A posts pictures of select articles of clothing onto its Facebook page, which fans and Facebook users are encouraged to like.  Souped-up hangers display the current “Like” total for each piece of clothing, and the counter is updated in real-time, so you can know whether or not you’ll be a Facebook pariah if you wear a certain unpopular article of clothing.

Looks like an interesting idea, if nothing else, but we’re betting that C&A is probably going to very picky about not letting you put products back on hangers yourself.

Via SpringWise

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