Casio’s New Pro Trek Timepiece Features a Compass and Thermometer

Casio watches have always been the Swiss Army Knives of their domain, so it’s no wonder that their newest offering in the Pro Trek line offers up three high-performance sensors to help anyone outdoors-inclined on their adventures.

The PRG550-1A1 (inelegant name, but isn’t that what Casio is all about?) includes a compass, an altimeter/barometer, and a thermometer. In a pretty cool design move, the second hand picks up a lot of slack – it can function as a magnetic needle for the compass, can show recent changes in atmospheric pressure, and can show change in altitude from a preset position. The LCD screen displays numerical information, including compass direction angle value, altitude, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. An LED light can be activated by flicking the wrist.

Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology shuts the watch down when it is not exposed to light for a certain length of time, improving battery life. And, since this is a heavily outdoors-oriented watch, it will be water resistant to 100m, and will also be resistant to low temperatures.

The PRG550-1A1 will be available in June, and will sell for $300.

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