Chuppi the Wireless Colour Changing Light is the new Mr. Potato Head

Chuppi from Mathmos is by far the cutest companion for any nightstand. Chuppi is a customizable illuminated buddy for children and adults alike. This color-changing rechargeable art toy is whatever you make of it: nightlight, collectable art piece, muse for inspiration, or just a neat toy.

What’s in the Box

-Charging Base
-Two Sheets of Sticker Faces

Chuppi stands almost 8 inches tall (200mm). Chuppi feels like it’s made out of a frosted glass, but it’s actually spun ABS plastic. On the inside it’s powered by high quality LEDs cable of color-shifting to just about any color of the rainbow. There is a rechargeable battery capable of lasting up to 6 hours of illumination.

Chuppi is your customizable friend! It comes with 18 different sticker “Tado” characters, but mix-and-match and the possibilities are endless! You could think of Chuppi as the Mr. Potato Head of the 21st Century. The stickers are high quality and reusable.

Chuppi is pretty simple in design. You can plop Chuppi any which way onto the charging base and he’ll start shining and charging. There’s one button on the underside of Chuppi. The first time you press Chuppi’s button he’ll start color-shifting through every color. Press it again and it will permanently turn blue, again and it’s red, one more time and it’s green, press it once more shuts it off. There’s a 30-minute shut-off timer enabled by default. There’s an LED on Chuppi’s underside that shines if the timer is set. To shut off the timer and keep Chuppi permanently lit, just hold down the button for three-seconds. That’s really all there is to Chuppi!

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Since there is so many different sticker options for Chuppi, and stickers are removable, you can change Chuppi’s persona as often as you want! Even though I’m passed the point in my life where I require a nightlight, Chuppi never gets old. Friends and visitors flock to Chuppi. They’re all instantly impressed by my Dracula Chuppi and his ability to shift through any color. It can be purchased from Mathmos.us for $40 US dollars (and $7.99 shipping) and will begin shipping in July. It’s maybe a little expensive, but Chuppi is just such a neat and original toy/art/night-light/muse/bed-side-companion. It’s a fun gift for just about anyone who is still a child at heart.

The Good: Rechargeable, Easy Docking, Customizable, 18 Faces Included, Stickers are Reusable, Glows Any Color, Sleep Timer

The Bad: Can only Lock Chuppi in Red/Blue/Green, Shipping Cost, Not Yet Available in the US!

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