Cloak Bag Should Become the Paparazzi’s Go-To Camera Case

Now, you won’t even be able to know they’re coming. Fortunately, there are ways you can use the Cloak Bag for good, too – like enjoying good old fashioned convenience.

The Cloak Bag is a storage bag for your DSLR that you can sling over your shoulder. The difference is that the bottom of the bag can be unzipped and opened – the camera is secured at the top of the bag. That means you can whip up your Cloak Bag and snap some photos without actually needing to take the camera out of the bag. It looks like you’ll be able to comfortably reach through the top of the bag to access the DSLR controls, too. You can even adjust the length of the sides of the bag, to make sure the lens isn’t obstructed, or that light isn’t being blocked.

Just for good measure, the Cloak Bag is made of tough, water-resistant fabric for extra protection. At a quick glance, it looks more like a common shoulder bag than a camera bag – again, for stealth photographers, this is going to be a godsend. As if the paparazzi wasn’t sneaky enough already.

But, if you’re just excited about a camera bag with an impressively smart design, you can head over here and grab one for $69.


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