ColorWare Splashes New Color on 50 Cent’s SMS Audio Headphones

ColorWare loves to add color and personality to headphones, and  now 50 Cent’s wireless and wired headphones are the latest to get the color treatment. ColorWare is starting to become the one-stop-shop destination for all your colorful headphone needs. Beats by Dr. Dre, Skullcandy, SOL, and even Bose, have all fallen for ColorWare’s illustrious colorwheel.

And like with all headphones customized by ColorWare, every part of  50 Cent’s headphone can be customized with your own favorite color. The ear cups, headband, frames, rings, etc… can all get their own special touch. Once again, if you have money to burn, and are looking for already over priced headphones, you might as well fork over even more dough to make it stand out. A pair of colorized Street by 50 will set you back $400 and Sync by 50 will cost $550.

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